Friday, March 11, 2011

Historic Dunk

I just don't like basketball. My sons play so I go to there games, but I'd be lying to say I have grown to appreciate the game. It's pretty clear only tall people can advance very far up the basketball ranks. Spud Webb...yeah, yeah. A sport where a person who is 6'7 is considered a "small forward" just isn't for short, squatty, Sicilians.

Nevertheless, while at lunch today I saw the following clip on a flat screen. Pretty cool.

I told my sons I would give them $100 if they could ever dunk a basketball. Truth be told, I used to be able to "get rim" when I was a senior in high school, I just couldn't get my wrist over the rim to throw the ball down- plus I could barely palm a basketball. I fully anticipate at least one of my sons will be able to dunk some day, so I'll set a couple hundred aside.

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Woody Woodward said...

When I was young, I greatly envied guys who were athletic jocks. I couldn’t walk and chew! I suffered terrible mental anguish during every hour of P.E. One day we had to climb a rope and I didn’t make it up two feet before I fell right on my butt! Wow, was I embarrassed! And have you ever heard of a boy who couldn’t run? I were one of them. I could trot but never get my legs to work in conjunction with one another to break out in a run. O well, now all those old “jocks” are having knees and hips and all kinds of plastic and steel parts put in them, and Ole clumsy Woodrow still can’t run and that’s just fine.