Friday, March 18, 2011

MUST LISTEN: Interview with Martin Bashir

I posted the Martin Bashir (MSNBC) interview with Rob Bell a few days ago.

Today I came across this excellent, revealing interview with Martin Bashir where he explains his research about Rob Bell's book. Wow again!

He covers church history, biblical interpretation, his Islamic upbringing, the emerging church, honest journalism, his attendance of a PCA church in NYC (Redeemer NY/Tim Keller), and profession as a committed Christian.

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Woody Woodward said...

A most informative 35 minutes indeed! I was most moved by Bashir’s powerful thought, “The design for true journalism must be truth telling!” To get to the truth regardless of the obstacles. Audiences are bothered by truth tellers. The standards for truth telling must never be compromised. Don’t spend your time trying to reshape Christianity because you are always going to offend someone. I love his accent, reminded me of the great Oz Guinness. I drank in his every thought about the emergent church. He posed the question to the wolf in sheep’s clothing, Emergent Universalist Rob Bell, What is your destination and your goal?