Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Two of my favorite songs performed by John Daker

I don't know John Daker or anything much about this clip.

You have to watch it to appreciate.

He attempts two of my favorite songs. It's memorable.


Woody Woodward said...

Where’s the GONG in this show? Are you sure Daker wasn’t dead? The piano player looks to me like she’s had one too many Big Mac’s. But for sure this was a mighty eye opening performance! Hearing this dead dude reminded me of what Greg Jones, myself and Cheri heard a couple weeks back. We went to a Phil Kline get together and the “musician” who performed was just about as bad as ole dead Daker. Thinking it was a joke, Greg and I both started to laugh, but then we realized, fer sure nuff, he’en weren’t no joke. This guy was so bad he made your eyes water. When he came back to do another attempt at singing, amazingly enough, everyone seemed to have to go to the bathroom at the same time.

homeskool said...

Pastor Felich,

You know I am quite the "expert" at fine singing. This video brought a tear to my eye. A man with ALMOST as much talent as myself!!!!

Reepicheep said...

Homeskool, if you are who I think you are- you are married to one of the finest singers my sons have ever heard!

homeskool said...

Oops, it didn't post my name. I am touched, however, by your boys admiration of my singing.


William said...

Hilarious. The part that I found equally funny was Reva saying, "He's going to sing a song that's very popular now a days. It's 'Christ the Lord is Risen Today.'" While it's certainly a classic hymn, I think she was overstating its popularity in the 1980's. I have watched this video multiple times and it never fails to crack me up. The saddest part is I bet John is a really great guy. I almost feel guilty for laughing so hard.