Tuesday, April 19, 2011

5-month knee update and a RPC UNITED t-shirt prototype

I haven't given an update on my knee rehab in a while. I just hit the 5-month mark since surgery. I finished rehab a month ago and the knee is at full flexion, which is great. I have been riding my bike or doing the elliptical six days a week. I have jogged a mile a few times, but it didn't feel great, so I stopped. In one more month, if all progresses like it has been, I expect my doctor to clear me to start jogging more and play soccer.

I have been coaching two of my sons and kicking the ball around with them a bit, but nothing major. My knee feels good in so far as regular activities are concerned, but it doesn't feel like it could handle lots of cutting, stopping and starting, etc. right now. Very honestly, I have no idea if I'll be able to return to playing with RPC United (my beloved church team) in a league. My playing days on that level (make no mistake, Men's "D" division is as high a level as one can possibly imagine) may well be over at the ripe old age of 39. We'll see and only God knows.

Despite the uncertainty about my playing future, I was not hindered from designing the latest in RPC U gear- a long-sleeved t-shirt with an awesome moniker:

Thanks for your prayers! I'll let you know how things go when the doctor "clears" me in a month. It's been a long road since the nasty dislocation on October 14.

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Woody Woodward said...

I know you are tough, and your passion for this sport is unquenchable, but I hope you have discussed this with Shari? T-shirt good idea, playing soccer at your tempo, dumb!