Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Calvin on the relationship of Jesus' death and resurrection

The resurrection of Jesus was central to the Apostles' lives and ministry, and so should be the case for each of us. When we consider Christ's death- His most necessary sacrifice for sinners- we should never forget it's essential connection to the resurrection that followed. If Jesus dies and doesn't rise again, His death is no more significant than the host of other well-meaning teachers or leaders who died for their cause. Jesus' cause is superior to any others. His mission was the glory of God by redeeming those whom the Father had given Him. Such a redemption required that He pay for their sins by His death and rise again for their justification. Without the death and resurrection of Jesus, we are all still dead and lost in our sins. Without the resurrection of Christ, no one can be right with God.

John Calvin quantified the relationship between Jesus' death and resurrection very practically-

"So then, let us remember that whenever mention is made of his death alone, we are to understand at the same time what belongs to his resurrection. Also, the same synecdoche applies to the word 'resurrection': whenever it is mentioned separately from death, we are to understand it as including what has to do especially with his death."

- John Calvin, Institutes of The Christian Religion

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Woody Woodward said...

Since we will not be at Redeemer for Easter services this year, I wonder what kind of contemporary or repackaged message we will hear at Tate’s Church? Still, the most powerful Easter Message I have ever heard, was preached at Redeemer on Easter 2005 and represented (notice I didn’t say repackaged) on Easter 2010, “What are the greatest Words Ever Spoken from Scripture?”