Saturday, April 16, 2011

JC Ryle on Jesus' use of Scripture

JC Ryle (not to be confused with Saruman of LOTR) in his study.

Jesus faced heavy opposition from Jewish religious leaders who promoted adherence to their particular interpretation of Scripture or additions thereunto. Jesus main method of correction was to refer them to a right understanding of Scripture. JC Ryle utilizes Jesus' example to exhort Christians-

We should refer our enemies to the Bible as our rule of conduct. We shall always find a plain text the most powerful argument we can use. In a world like this we must expect our opinions to be attacked, if we serve Christ, and we may be sure that nothing silences adversaries so soon as a quotation from Scripture.

Let us however remember, that if we are to use the Bible as our Lord did, we must know it well, and be acquainted with its contents. We must read it diligently, humbly, perseveringly, prayerfully, or we shall never find its texts coming to our aid in the time of need. To use the sword of the Spirit effectually, we must be familiar with it, and have it often in our hands. There is no royal road to the knowledge of the Bible. It does not come to man by intuition. The book must be studied, pondered, prayed over, searched into, and not left always lying on a shelf, or carelessly looked at now and then. It is the students of the Bible, and they alone, who will find it a weapon ready in hand in the day of battle.

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Woody Woodward said...

I never ceased to be amazed by the wisdom you share that comes from the pens of these old World Saint Reformers. I have never heard of JC Ryle, but bet he wasn’t on the same page as dispensational Dallas Seminary Professor of Systematic Theology, Dr Charles Ryrie.