Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tim Keller Interview

Here's a good interview with PCA pastor Tim Keller. Keller pastors Redeemer Presbyterian in Manhattan, NY.


Bill Burns said...

Re: Keller's very last answer - I was right there with him, in saying the Church(es) should be less concerned about speaking into politics and more concerned about...service. How about "less concerned about speaking into politics, and more concerned with...proclaiming the gospel?"

I realize editing happens, and service is obviously important (to the degree it is an outworking of the gospel in the lives of Christians, but when you have 7 minutes with a major news network (a platform very few pastors get), why lead with "service?"

My .02


Woody Woodward said...

Interesting interview for sure. We worshiped with our son and his family in Lynchburg VA for Easter. But last night at small group I listened with great interest, as our group shared about Easter services at Redeemer last Sunday. The one all important issue that was discussed from the Sermon notes, is right in line with a quote I heard from Tim Keller interview. “I am loved by God but I am a sinner.” Speaking tough love to those who came to celebrate Easter at Redeemer without a living relationship with Christ, the group said Pastor Tony was very clear, without Christ, you are lost, without Christ you have no hope!