Friday, May 20, 2011

I buried my Dad today

Together with my Mom, family, extended family, and beloved church family, I committed my father's earthly shell to the ground today. It was hard.

Here is the video tribute for my father.

I long for the resurrection. Come quickly Lord Jesus.


Rick Calohan said...

Thank you Tony for sharing your dad with us, may the Lord come quickly indeed!

Brother Titus said...

Very sorry for your loss, pastor. The loss of a parent is a worldview changer - definitely! It's a "club" that no respectful son or daughter wants to be in. I lost both of my parents in 2010.

God's peace, through Christ.

Woody Woodward said...

The Lord covered Pastor Nathan in a powerful anointing. Every bold word exhorted was felt with passion and emotions one is rarely granted the honor to receive. I know this was the most difficult sermon Pastor Nathan has ever preached, yet a celebration where the Shekinah glory of the Lord Jesus filled our worship center. When AJ and Nico shared their heart-filled thoughts of pure innocent honesty, along with many others, I lost it! The tribute to Tony was incredible and we know the Lord Jesus listened to your every thought. Your precious mother is indeed a saint and Cheri and I prayed for her all weekend. The words and song that Jennifer and Shari did, removed any “chains” that we may have selfishly wanted to bind our dear Tony here with us. As I reflect, I believe the Lord Jesus must have selected each hymn of praise. Pastor, keep these in mind for my future home going. We will miss him sorely, but we know we shall see our dear Tony again. And once more we will laugh as we hear him tell a whole bunch of new stories.
You take good care of that very special tomato/arrow plant. From now on, your arrow that holds and supports our little pine tree will be a very special reminder of how precious was the man who gave it to me.