Sunday, May 1, 2011

Obama sticks it to Trump

Giving credit where it's due requires me to post this hilarious moment by our President as he sticks it to Donald Trump.

I do not wish to see President Obama have a second term, but a Donald Trump presidency is frightening too.

I like what Chris Rock said- "I'm not voting for Trump...he'll find a younger, prettier nation, and leave us for it."


Wayne said...

I watched it on CSPAN last night. Seth Meyers roasted him pretty good too. It was all pretty funny. The movie trailer "The President's Speech" was pretty funny as well.

Reepicheep said...

Seth Meyers was awesome. He took NO prisoners.

Woody Woodward said...

Trump’s bold proclamations against Obama’s disgusting policies quickly got my attention. But have to admit I was totally turned off when his ego busted forth, exposing his overzealous, “I RULE” pride-filled personality. When he made the comment, “I am proud of what I accomplished! No one was able to make him produce his birth certificate but me! I take full credit!” Sounds like the rich arrogant “I” man in Luke 12:16-20

Roger Mann said...

It would be funny if what Obama released last week was an actual birth certificate, rather than a blatant forgery. It's beyond any reasonable doubt that the document he released has been digitally altered.

Born in the USA?

Obama Birth Certificate Scam?

Moreover, the registration number at the top right corner of the document is out of chronological sequence -- listed as 151 61 10641, while twin girls born one day after Obama and registered with the Hawaii Department of Health registrar three days after Obama are listed as 151 61 10637 and 151 61 10638 respectively.

What is it about twin girls born day after Obama?

How do you explain that? There was a "wrinkle" in time?

First we had the Watergate tapes; then we had the stained blue dress; and now we have the forged birth certificate.

Unfortunately, the mainstream presstitutes are ignoring the evidence and have moved on to the killing of Bin Laden. How convenient! It make one proud to be an American!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this, funny! The interesting thing about this is that the President had given the green light to the Bin Laden raid probably that same day or the day before! So the "decisions that keep me up at night" joke is pretty telling.