Wednesday, June 29, 2011

First Tomato of the Summer...bitter sweet

No, I don't mean the tomato tastes bittersweet, but rather it's the first tomato of the summer, from my father's garden.

Dad planted about half his garden before he died May 16. Mom and my boys have been trying to keep his garden watered and weeded.

This particular tomato comes from a special plant. It's a tomato plant my dad had growing in a pot. Those of you who attended my father's funeral might remember a large tomato plant among the flowers. This tomato is from that plant. Three were ripe enough to pick today, my mother brought this one over.

See what I mean about everything reminding me of Dad these days?


Woody Woodward said...

A very special tomato, God’s fruit from a very special vine, planted by a very special man. Gary and I prayed for you this morning as we pray for you, Pastor Nathan and Brian every Wednesday.
Gary and I agreed, the passing and the mourning of your dear father has brought all of us that knew him to a better understanding about the fragility of life. As you stood in the pulpit last Sunday, teaching us about your most recent storm, Storm Theology is indeed a topic we must all learn to deal with. And I so grabbed a hold of this thought: “As the disciples cried out in despair, ‘Lord, don’t you care that we are perishing?’ Jesus spoke CALM to the storm before He spoke calm to those in the storm. Truly His anointing poured from your every thought. Lord, help Tony speak calm to his storm.
We all miss him and loved him so much. And your dear mom is indeed a mentoring Saint!

Ray and Janell said...

I can totally relate. Know what? It doesn't stop. It's a good thing.