Monday, June 27, 2011

If Christie doesn't run for Prez...I'm writing him in

I can't believe how underwhelming the Republican cast of potential presidential candidates is.

Chris Christie, governor of New Jersey is my current favorite potential presidential candidate. Unfortunately, he's not running....yet. Here's some classic Christie from a few days ago-

Did I mention Christie is of Irish/Sicilian descent?


Woody Woodward said...

Yes, but he keeps saying he’s not running! If he is going to run, he needs to get with it. I would also like to throw in Rick Perry. He too can kick some serious liberals backsides. I would bet it’s going to be a “Romney/Bauchmann” ticket. And that’s fine with me this go round. No matter how weak the GOP’s might seem, (and I believe it’s the far left Lib’s who are touting “weakness” the loudest, at every turn, anyone and I mean anyone is better than the destroyer of freedom and a master of massacring our constitution we have now. Heard Michael Savage said the other night, “If Mao would have been elected president in 2008, he could not have done a better job in destroying our nation, than Obama.” (I must add, I am not a big fan of Savage. He is a bit too far right for me.)

Boyd said...

I'm a big fan of Christie, too. Tells it like it is! And I know you blog about a lot of non-ecclesial topics here. That's cool. Still, this post is as good as any to pass along a great article from "The Christian Curmudgeon" called "Bye, Bye Kuyper".

Check it out!

PS Here's a related thread:

Reepicheep said...

Pretty good article Boyd...but help me understand how you think it relates to what I have posted here? Sorry if I'm missing something.

Boyd said...

It doesn't really relate. Just wanted to share the article. I thought its emphasis on the Lord's Day and the ordinary means of grace was spot on and figured I'd pass along ... To bring things full circle, here's my favorite Christie clip :)

Anonymous said...

It would be a great and mighty deed if you could write Christie in at polling places across the nation (and across U.S. protectorates) and on American absentee ballots across the world.

Penelope said...

Oh no, not Rick Perry. He's our governor & we don't like him much. He made it mandatory for girls to get the HPV vaccine - sounds like a back room deal with big pharma.