Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Turretin had a way with words...

Francis Turretin was one of the greatest theologians ever. His biblical insight was keen and his ability to communicate the truth of Scripture unparalleled.

"The work of our conversion is a creation, resurrection, regeneration and the production of a new heart by which God not only gently persuades but powerfully effects in us to will and to do. As, however, man can contribute nothing to his creation, resurrection and regeneration, so neither can the sinner contribute anything to his conversion."

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Woody Woodward said...

I now believe this didactic fact, and by His leading and with His power do my best to convey this to those who will listen. But even now, it’s hard for me to comprehend, that He called me, not that I found Him. For many years, to me witnessing was all about sharing the good news and then having some willing convert “praying the prayer.” The hardest thing for a recent convert has to comprehend, is the fact that it was Christ who called him or her into His elect, salvation had nothing to do with their decision. This truth is hard for me to convey, but no harder to explain than when someone asks me to explain the Trinity. This seems to be the subject that comes up most during our times at Lansing.