Friday, August 5, 2011

Church Camp days all over again...

I just got back from our 4-day junior high camp near Branson, Missouri on the Table Rock Lake. It was a great time. I was one of the helpers and got to teach Wednesday night. It's strange having a junior high son.

The picture above is my son, his buddy Grant, and me (middle) being dragged mercilessly by a nasty lady driving a fast boat until we got thrown off like rag dolls. Great fellowship...sore body now.

The highlight of camp for me was my son not changing his clothes at all for three days! Same shorts and shirt...I assume the same underwear too. I kind of chuckled each time I saw him in the mornings with the same stuff on. Unfortunately his dear mother (my beloved wife) asked me the second day if AJ had changed his clothes. I confessed he had not. She sternly directed me to mandate he change his clothes immediately. So, after receiving such orders, I went to him last night at dinner and said- "I want you to change your shirt now".

About a half hour later I saw him again...this time with the sleeves cut off the same shirt. Well, he changed his shirt!

Momma ain't gonna be happy. I'm smiling...on the inside. Boys are cool.


Brother Titus said...

Very funny (to a guy, but not to a mom). So, is he a chip off the old block?

Again, this very funny and maybe even deviously brilliant. However, is it rebellion?

LauraHough said...

I prefer to be called "girl" :)

Woody Woodward said...

At a Boy AJ! Just turn your underware inside-out. This is called "self-cleaning".