Sunday, September 4, 2011

Let Thy Will be Done

There is a great mystery concerning providence and God's will regarding our suffering. I like how Columbiere advises we deal with adverse circumstances that confront us-

Every morning as soon as you get up think of all the most disagreeable things that could happen to you during the day. Your house might be burnt down, you might lose your job or all your savings, or be run over, or sudden death might come to you or to a person you love. Accept these misfortunes should it please God to allow them; compel your will to agree to the sacrifice and give yourself no rest until you really feel prepared to wish or not to wish all that God may wish or not wish.

Finally, if some great misfortune should actually happen, instead of wasting time in complaint or self-pity, go throw yourself at once at the feet of your Savior and implore His grace to bear your trial with fortitude and patience. A man who has been badly wounded does not, if he is wise, chase after his assailant, but makes straight for a doctor who may save his life. Even if you wanted to confront the person responsible for your misfortune, it would still be to God you would have to go, for there can be no other cause of it than He.

So go to God, but go at once, go there and then. Let this be your first thought. Go and report to Him what He has done to you. Kiss the hands of God crucified for you, the hands that have struck you and caused you to suffer. Repeat over and over again to Him His own words to His Father while He was suffering: Not my will but thine be done. In all that Thou wishest of me, today and for always, in heaven and on earth, let Thy will be done, but let it be done on earth as it is done in heaven.

- Claude de la Columbière


Woody Woodward said...

I am finally getting around to reading Pilgrim’s Progress. I have found the book most encouraging, especially in light of today's disparaging “all about me” culture. Everywhere we turn we see disaster, destruction, hatred, greed, selfishness and with the extreme weather and the carnage that has resulted, in my life time I can’t ever remember a time where we need to rest in His sovereign promises. As your blog shared, pondering what providence He has prepared for us each day, keeps us near the cross and upon our knees. For His Will WILL BE DONE! And only by His grace, may the Lord give me the strength to endure.

Jack Sawyer said...

Very wise words. Amid trouble, I'll be pulling this quote out to tame my sinful indignations.