Friday, December 16, 2011

2011 Turkey Bow Kill

I'm still hunting deer as the archery season in Kansas runs until December 31.

I have seen hundreds of deer this season, many have been in shooting distance. I'm holding out for a mature buck, preferably over 4 years old. This whole season I have only seen one that ancient six-point that looked to be declined (past his prime, hence only 6 points). I missed him at what I thought was 40 yards. He turned out to be 30 yards, so I shot over him. Otherwise, I have just not seen a mature buck worthy of harvesting. I still have deer meat in my freezer and my son Nico took a doe with his rifle, so I'm not looking to take a doe right now (my tune might change as the 31st approaches).

So, this morning, while buck hunting, a group of gobblers came in range. I shot this one at 41 yards. He's a nice Tom, 8-inch beard with close to 1-inch spurs. I have his breast meat marinating in Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce as I post this.

This is the first gobbler I have ever harvested with my bow.

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Woody Woodward said...

Great SHOT! I used to love to bow hunt, but that was many years back. Haven't shot a bow or hunted with my shotgun in over 22 years. I did go out several years back and do some skeet shooting. Great fun and I even surprised myself. First round got 15 out of 25, second round 20 and third 22. I got a prized shotgun just like Tony' Sr. Last year Browning made their guns in Belgium. A Sweet 16 with ventilated rib and that gold trigger. Worth some bucks, but it will got to Tate. Not real soon I pray!