Friday, December 2, 2011

Handel's Disaster

I can't imagine a good reason to perform Handel's Messiah as a drama.

Here's proof-


Brother Titus said...

While my mouth dropped open as that actor started turning around on whatever to face the stage, I think many people on that production hadn't thought through at least some of the potential problems that could've arisen during that scene, before allowing that actor to be hoisted-up by whatever contraption he was hoisted-up by; or, the people in that production didn't rehearse enough to know that something that embarrassing would happen to their, "Jesus." But, I for one wouldn't not have the "Messiah" performed as a drama at a church I attend because of something like that happening at another church. That embarrassment could've easily been avoided. Besides, I can't imagine a church costume person allowing one of his/her actors to wear a biblical-times costume that way. 'Sorry, but that was ridiculous. The costume should have been able to be put on like a shirt, so that the actor's back was covered at all times, and he could wrap the front together like a bath robe; and, then, tie the sides together with something. That's all - and practice the production beforehand - and they would've had a great play, with good memories! The Holy Spirit can use anything to prompt people. But, what was on that video was very unfortunate for that church and its' mission.

Woody Woodward said...

Sorry, but been gone and I didn't get to see it? Why was it removed?