Thursday, December 15, 2011

No Sushi for me

I have several friends who consistently try to have me try Sushi.

Eating raw fish has never been appealing to me in the least.

This clip sealed the deal for me.



Malcolm Haney said...

Suddenly my breakfast oatmeal is swirling north. I think I will opt for the Callamari with Marinara sauce on the side. Congratulations to the Italians for figuring out a way to batter and deep fry squid.

Jim said...

Reep, it's sashimi in the video, not sushi.

I used to be a skeptic; now I'm a convert.

Rick Calohan said...

Wasabi, Saki, and beer and lots of it can help you overcome any Sushi phobia you may have. However, like Malcolm a.k.a. Lefty I will take Calamari with Marinara sauce any day.

Reepicheep said...

Jim, I thought sushi was basically any raw fish...or squid...or whatever..

I'm so confused.

Jim said...


Not a problem - I learned this stuff only recently.

Technically, "sushi" is anything make with sushi rice - cold rice mixed with a light vinegar dressing. While it can be raw fish, there are lots of "sushis" made out of vegetables, cooked fish, egg, and other seafood (like cooked shrimp, etc.).

So while sushi MAY include raw fish with the rice, sushi does not mean raw fish. Sashimi is typically made of raw fish ( thinly sliced), but sometimes is cooked as well. It's usually served with a sauce to dip the fish in.

While the squid sashimi in the video certainly pushes the outer limit, tuna or salmon sashimi is actually pretty good.

That said, I was raised to prefer eating steak very rare (cool red center). Even today I cook the outside just to kill the germs and to give the meat a grilled flavor. (Hamburgers need to be cooked through, because ground beef takes the germs on the outside of the beef and mix them into the meat. But the germs are only on the outside. So with non-ground beef like steak, searing the outside is sufficient for health reasons.)

So I guess it was a small psychological step for me to go from almost-raw beef to raw fish (whether sashimi or sushi.)

I absolutely refused to eat raw fish for years. I don't know what finally prompted me to try some a few years back. But I love it now. I'd guess I eat sushi or sashimi at least once a week.

I guess now I know where I'd take you to lunch if and when I get up through KC again. :-) But don't worry - you could get sushi made entirely out of cooked food items, and then you could decide whether you wanted to try anything that I ordered. (I don't typically get squid.)

Perry said...

I watched the video. But, I'm not sure what I saw there. I've never had any interest in sushi (Raw fish, no!), and I surely don't have any now. The Italians got this one right, not the Japanese.

Woody Woodward said...

I can eat almost anything. And if someone else cooks something gross, I will try it. Even tried racoon and crow. But I refuse to eat raw fish! This was so gross it made my leftover Jupin Ccatfish I had for lunch roll over in my gut.

M J Mounts said...

Just swore off calamari. ZIP! No more.