Monday, January 23, 2012

More evidence that cats are superior to dogs

Talk about a stud cat!


Woody Woodward said...

I bet the ASPCA would have a fit over that u-tube. But your flimsy evidence don’t fly. First, the cat is stupid fir being that there, second the cat was stupid fir being that close, third the cat was stupid fir allowing him to be used as bait. A dog would never get that close to that ugly creature. But too, this may be why no dogs were there? Cats make better gator bait.

Perry said...

Some years ago I was watching an "Animal Planet" (No, I'm not a PETAite. The only kind of "p.e.t.a." I want around is the one that supports "People Eating Tasty Animals.") show about cats (big-, house-, etcetera). The show was about which cat of all the cats is overall the most ferocious and should be the most feared (I can't remember the exact terminology anymore. But, hopefully you get the idea.). And, very surprisingly, the show's conclusion was that the common housecat is the most ferocious of all the cats and should be the most feared. Excellent show by the way. But, I'm still in the "I love dogs" camp. Sorry, pastor.