Friday, February 17, 2012

Martin Lloyd Jones on his depravity

Dr. Martin Lloyd-Jones, one of the most influential preachers of the last century and certainly supremely gifted in preaching the Word of God made this honest (and maybe shocking) statement to his congregation about his depravity-

They see only what which is good in me; they see me only at my best. I shudder when I realize how unworthy I am and how ignorant they are of the dark and hidden recesses of my soul where all that is devilish and hideous reigns supreme, at times breaking through onto the surface and causing a turmoil that God and I alone know of.


Michael Lockridge said...

I recall once in a conversation about Christian life and practice that I declared that I recognized that I am a rebel and a coward. I do not do the will of God out of fear and self-interest. My friend said, "You are no worse than the best of us." This observation was true, but used the wrong reference point. My righteousness is not measured by how I compare with other people. In that I would have cause for pride. My lack of righteousness is measured by the degree to which I fail to meet the will of God. Fortunate for me, his Grace is more than sufficient to fill that gap. I have no cause for pride, but every cause for gratitude.

Woody Woodward said...

You posed the question in our SS session last Lord's Day, "How many see yourself as a worse sinner today?"
Looking back it’s funny. When I was a new believer, besides embracing His peace and my glorious salvation, I suddenly thought I had also gained wisdom. Now I the more I grow in Christ the more ignorant I realize I am. But this only draws me nearer to the Cross.
True Christian growth is admitting the more I grow in Christ the more sinful I see myself. But the Good News, my sinfulness brings more understanding of His ever abounding Grace.