Thursday, March 15, 2012

Moody's new vision statement from Dr. Nyquist

I went to a relatively small college, compared to the state schools so many in our church have gone.  With March Madness upon us, the enthusiasm people have for their favorite colleges is at a fever pitch.  Personally, I've never gotten in to going crazy for a college, especially with the worldview condition of most state colleges today.  I know people are gung ho about their  Alma mater, mostly because it helps them professionally for their school to be prestigious I suppose?  For me, I'm as proud of Moody as any major university booster club president, but unfortunately for Moody, most of her alums don't go on to make lots of money to send back.  Despite turning out relatively poor (monetarily) alumni (the majority of Moody's graduates go in to some kind of vocational Christian services), they are largely donor based and offer a very affordable education for ministry students. People that are in some way touched by Moody's ministry, know her value and give.  In addition to the college and seminary, Moody also has a publishing house and huge radio ministry.

The big state schools and the prestigious ivy league colleges may boast of all sorts of worldly accolades, success, academic scholarship, and famous graduates, but when the scales of eternal significance are weighed, everyone will see the true value of a place like the school D.L. Moody founded.

For me, I'm proud to have gone to Moody Bible Institute and have never regretted going there for a second.  Frankly, I would be ecstatic if any of my children decided to go to Moody.  Moody is a great place for learning God's Word in relationship to God's world with a view to equip the church for reaching the globe for Jesus.  Of course, I like that Moody has a great soccer program also, they won the NCCAA II national title this year under my beloved coach, Joe Harding.

Moody is not Reformed, as such.  They are from the uniquely American brand of evangelicalism known as dispensationalism.  At the same time, regarding the doctrine of salvation, they are pretty Reformed.  There is some diversity on the faculty regarding the whole of Calvinism, but there are several Calvinists on faculty.  In my time there I got very little resistance to my Reformed views (after all, Reformed = Biblical...and Moody is a BIBLE institute)...from teachers anyways.  A Reformed Christian can navigate at Moody well enough and come out equipped with a strong knowledge of Scripture and a good introduction to theology. Additionally, and very importantly, Moody requires and encourages student involvement in local churches while they are students.  I taught Sunday School in an inner city, Hispanic church for one year, then helped start and lead a youth group for another three years at that same place.  Moody is in the heart of Chicago, so it's a shocker for rural or suburban students who come there, but a good shock.

Moody has lacked stability at the president position since Dr. Stowell left six or seven years ago.  Joe Stowell was a superb president and served for 20 years.  Michael Easley took his place, but health issues forced his resignation after just three years as president.  In 2009 Paul Nyquist was called to be he new president and he's been going after it hard for these last three years.  The video clip below is Dr. Nyquist's recent unveiling Moody's revamped mission and vision statement.  As an alum of Moody, I'm excited for where the school is going.

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Woody Woodward said...

Wow, talking about a man of God using God’s kind of vision for an unlimited future! And I contrast his powerful Bible based vision for Moody with the liberal “anything goes” pathetic, Bible bashing speech I heard from the President of St Paul’s School of Nothingology. It was about 10 years back, I was there with some Russian pastors to hear about the future of the Methodist movement in Russia. When he was done, those pastors were just as confused as I was. After that speech was over, I sat there speechless and thought, “his vision was totally man centered, our Lord wasn’t invited or even ask to take part!
As Dr Nyquist enthusiastically stated, “Moody is indeed going across the globe and across every culture to bring God’s truth to the lost and dying world!” I will pray for wisdom and courage so that this vision can be realized and the God will indeed provide the resources.