Thursday, March 29, 2012

Timothy Cardinal Dolan on Religious freedom

Timothy Cardinal Dolan is the best thing to happen to the Roman Catholic Church in America in a long time. He is a stellar spokesperson for his church. Notice how "in touch" he is with his church and her relationship with the cultural trends and connected politics.


Woody Woodward said...

That was the most compelling and constructive dialog I have heard on the new, “I am going to shove it down your throat anyway” Obama-mania-mandate! When we go to the polls in November, I pray every person of faith will deeply consider what is at stake. And it’s at the very core of religious freedom. Hard to comprehend that 20 years ago throughout the former Soviet Union, the Name of Jesus could not be mentioned, Bibles were outlawed and to preach the Gospel meant a minimum of 3 years imprisonment in a dark and cold Soviet Gulag. But now I can go without fear and FREELY preach the gospel of Christ in government run hospitals, orphanages, state run homes for the elderly and even in the Mayor’s office. It’s horrible to think, that if Obama is reelected, this same kind of Spiritual bondage that the Russian people lived under for over 60 years may be just around the corner. God save our nation!

Perry said...

Even though I've never been Catholic, Dolan is quite a likeable and an engaging spokesman for the Catholic Church. He draws me in to his positions with truth and believability, though I've never heard him speak on specifically-held Catholic points of view, just on what the Christian community at-large believes.