Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Resurrection = PAYMENT ACCEPTED

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is proof of God's acceptance of the Son's sacrifice on our behalf.  The Father was pleased with the Son's offering and raised Him to life.

So much commerce is conducted on the internet these days. I'll bet anyone reading this blog has purchased something off Ebay, Amazon, or some other online store.  You know how it works.  You select your item, add to your cart, then check out.  When you check out, you have to submit a payment, usually through Paypal or with your credit card straight up.  You plug in all your info, then hit the "PAYMENT" button.  In many cases there is a short delay as your credit card is being processed. Perhaps the little hour glass turns while the payment is processing.  The little rainbow circle thing spins on my Macbook screen while the site checks my payment info.  Then, after a few seconds (and maybe a touch of anxiety), "PAYMENT ACCEPTED" appears on the screen.  Now I know the item is mine and it will come to me soon, within a few days or so.

As I think about the death and resurrection of Christ, it's sort of like what I just described.  Christ makes payment for our sins on the cross. He hits the "PAYMENT" button, as it where.  Then a pause occurs, the three days His body stayed in the tomb.  On the third day God raised Him as if to say "PAYMENT ACCEPTED".  Because of God raising Jesus from the dead, we know salvation belongs to us.  Now we are waiting for the final consummation to that glorious work of God through Christ, when we take possession in full.


Woody Woodward said...

On the subject of His Resurrection and the thought of “Payment Accepted”, one of the books I am currently reading is an old book by Og Mandeno, published in 1976 called “The Christ Commission.” Very interesting and most intriguing plot that has been tried before. The story goes, Matthew Lawrence is a famous who-done-it mystery writer and for years has been researching to prove the hoax of Christ’s Resurrection. While on the old Johnny Carson Tonight Show, Johnny asks Matt if he has ever started a mystery book and not followed through with a publication. So Matt arrogantly blurts out that for over 20 years he has been researching to “diss” Christianity by proving that the resurrection was indeed a total hoax! He boldly wishes if he could return to Jerusalem in 26 AD, and just for one week interview eye witnesses, he would show all the world, and set to rest the “question of all questions.” After making a fool of himself on the “tonight show” with Carson, (you can tell how old the story is because the audience actually became angry, and for his own protection, they ushered him off the stage during a commercial.) Matt winds up in a bar at his hotel that night and a big dude recognizes him from the show. With one punch Matt is knocked cold! Suddenly Matt finds himself in downtown Jerusalem in 36 AD with Joseph of Aramitha as his guide. Matt get’s his wish and the interviewing begins. For he must examine and decide with the “Evidence that Demands a Verdict!” (Josh McDowel’s famous book) Many skeptics have stepped forth to disprove the resurrection, and come to embrace the fact that our sins full Payment was Accepted and Christ has risen indeed!

Adam said...

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