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The central pillar in biblical religion

As I slog through the final books and writing assignments left in my doctoral studies...I find myself deep in to Carl F.H. Henry's six-volume masterpiece, "God, Revelation and Authority".  He spends all of the first volume building a case for the necessity of Scripture in order to know God.  Check out how he ends the volume-

Revelation is, in truth, the central pillar of biblical religion.  Around the living God's disclosure of his own reality, purpose, and activity range all the special affirmations of Judeo-Christian theology.  Biblical assertions of the creation of the cosmos, of the future judgment and the future life, of the divine salvation of sinners, of the meaning and worth of human existence in the days of our years, turn ultimately on the self-unveiling of God who confronts his fallen creatures as their Creator, Redeemer and Judge. 

That God is the eternal sovereign Creator to whom mankind is morally accountable is the central content of universal divine revelation addressed to the reason and conscience of every human through nature and history.  The scripturally given special revelation restates the will of God and clarifies it for humans in the sorry state of sin.  Redemptive revelation offers fallen humanity a renewal of the spiritual prerogatives which belonged to man on the basis of creation and the Image of God.  It does not stop there, however.  Redemptive revelation expands the knowledge of God's moral purposes beyond what Adam and Eve knew even before the fall.  Special biblical revelation is restorative and redemptive.  The un-obliterated Image of God has its ineradicable point of connection with the living God who reveals himself objectively and universally in nature and mankind, and also objectively but particularly in Judeo-Christian revelation. Published and written in Scripture, that transcendent revelation heralds good news worldwide to a famished and fainting race.  

Friday, May 4, 2012

Mariano Rivera- The greatest can sometimes be humble...

Mariano Rivera is the greatest closer Major League Baseball has ever seen.  Whether you are a Yankee fan or not, you must respect this humble master of his craft.  Mariano Rivera is a follower of Christ and has a deep peace about God's will. I have seen him display confidence in God's will in many interviews over the years.

This week, while shagging balls before a game (something he has done his whole career in order to stay in shape and sharp), he twisted his knee and tore his ACL.  Such an injury requires surgery and carries a six month recovery minimum.  By most estimates of Rivera's intentions, he was going to retire after this season. It is probable this season is now done.  Will he retire?  Will this be the way the most prolific closer in baseball history goes out?

Mariano said he will take time to pray and consider what is next.  Here is the interview with Rivera in Kansas City, after his injury was diagnosed.  Again, you have to love Mariano Rivera.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Day of Rejoicing in the Felich Household

Monday was one of the greatest days of my family's life.  We officially adopted our daughter, Willow.  Below is a video clip of our lawyer asking us the pertinent questions and the judge officially decreeing the adoption.  We were overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and kindness from our loved ones (church and biological family).