Friday, May 11, 2012

Pelosi's religion (Roman Catholicism) compels her to support gay marriage?

I wonder if we'll hear from Rome on Ms. Pelosi's recent claim that her religion compels her to support "gay marriage"?


Woody Woodward said...

A great day for America? Our brothers and sisters in Moldova say it’s a very sad day in America when our government leaders promotes lies as truth and sin as simply a “progressive cultural change.” I agree, would love to hear from the Pope on this one.

Leon Suprenant said...

Pelosi's "relgion" may compel her to support "gay marriage." Of course, her "religion" (and that of Kathleen Sabelius, Joe Biden, and Maureen Dowd, among others) isn't Catholicism. In fact, they and those of their ilk, have created their own church and in fact are at war with the "real" Catholic Church.

Adam said...

So Pelosi says "I am against discrimination of any kind" but she is discriminating against people in support of the of DOMA. Haha...does anyone else see how circular this reasoning is?