Saturday, July 21, 2012

Henry on the central preaching theme of God's salvation

My last post was about a masterful goal by Thierry Henry (pronounced "on-ree"). This post is a masterful quote from Carl F.H. Henry (pronounced "Hen-ree"). The two are not related... 

This may seem like an overstatement, but Carl Henry's "God, Revelation, and Authority" is quickly taking it's place in my top five Christian works list. Henry's monumental six-volume work on the subject of Scripture and Authority is one of the most encouraging, enlightening, and reassuring theological works I have ever read. I have finished reading and writing on five of the volumes. Volume four is remarkably good. As Henry talked about the life-transforming power of the Holy Spirit, He made a bold statement that hit me between the eyes-

"The Gospel was ordained for universal availability and participation. Only a wickedly apostate pseudo church, or a theologically ignorant church can and would neglect as a central preaching theme God’s life-transforming plan of salvation. God's purpose in redemption is to deliver otherwise doomed sinners from the penalty and guilt and power- and ultimately from the very presence-of sin, and to restore the penitent to vital fellowship with himself and to righteousness. God's revelation and redemption have in view a people of God, a transformed humanity that some have called "the company of the committed."


Perry said...

Wow! That's a very direct and simple-to-understand rebuke of errant and apostate churches and individuals. He's kind of like the "Chris Christie" of theology.

Anonymous said...

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Woody Woodward said...

Dear Pastor, reading your thoughts and the quote from Brother Carl Henry reminds me of the central theme of a book I am re-reading entitled “Letters from a Soviet Prison.” Since Pavel’s brave Father, founder of the Russian underground church, known throughout the former Soviet Union as “The Conquering Hero” has recently gone home to victory, I thought rereading his book would be most inspiring. Just as Paul was imprisoned, he was able to pass his epistles of encouragement to stand firm, never cease from preaching the Word, welcome the opportunity to suffer for the sake of Christ, and corrections in doctrine where needed, these 23 letters that Pavel’s father wrote were also smuggled out of prison. Then they were read and passed from house church to house church. During the Soviet “time of persecution” these letters brought great hope to the suffering church. And each letter bears witness to the same resounding message Paul exhorted. What makes this book so meaningful to me is the fact that I had the opportunity to come to know this great man of God. Had Mikhail Ivonavich Khorev sign my Bible and even had several opportunities to preach the Word at various churches along side of him. When our team was with him in 2007, we each got an autograph book of his last work, “A Small Price to Pay.” I will send you the picture!