Wednesday, July 11, 2012


My deepest apologies are extended to the faithful readership of REEPICHEEP.

I have been too busy to post much, primarily because of our current move to a new house.

Shortly after my father died a year ago this May, we decided rather than have my mother live in their big house alone, she should come live with us.   Our current house isn't big enough for her to have her own private living space, so we set out to find a house that would provide such a thing.  After taking nine months to sell her house, we were able to find a house closer to church and with the potential to build her a "mother in law" type apartment.  The house is a touch smaller than our current house, but the yard is a whole acre.

All this to say, I have been swamped with moving details. We are moving over the next few days, so I fully expect to be back in to blogging swing very soon.

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Woody Woodward said...

I check every day and to see about a new post. But not surprised because we know how busy you and Pastor Nathan and Brian are. God’s blessing on the new home! We love you pastor and hope you get a bunch of our young warriors to help you move. The last move I did, our HFG moved Terry Eaves. She had 92 boxes of books and we moved her up 3 flights of stairs, no elevator. That move done me in. I told Todd I am too old for real work. What I want to know is the new lot big enough to chum the deer?