Sunday, August 19, 2012

B.B. Warfield on "The emotional life of our Lord"

One of the great Princeton theologians, B.B. Warfield, wrote on the emotional life of Jesus. Commenting on Jesus' emotional agony in the Garden of Eden where we are told he was "greatly troubled", the former president of the once great Princeton Seminary wrote-

“The primary idea of ‘troubled’ is loathing aversion, perhaps not unmixed with despondency. While Jesus’ self-description as overwhelmed with sorrow expresses a sorrow, or perhaps we would be better to say a mental pain, a distress which hems Him in on every side, from which there is therefore no escape.”

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Woody Woodward said...

I was visiting with Ed Jennings and Robert Hemenway yesterday after the service and commented about the agony of Christ in the garden. Ed was excited to share how just this week he was so blessed, resting in Christ, knowing that as much evil and sin is in the world, how much death and sickness and disease is everywhere we turn, yet Christ cares so much for every tiny detail of our well being. And I commented about Peter’s bold proclamation right out of his flesh! “The others may abandoned you but I WILL NEVER! I will die for you Lord!” Yes, and three hours later, he is fast asleep. So in his flesh he commands for all to hear, he is willing to die for Christ, but in his weakness he can’t even stay awake with Christ in His most pressing moment of creation. Sometimes big things for Jesus are easy, but living the little things is the true mark of discipleship.