Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Church should be boring (so to speak)

A seminary classmate of mine (from way back) posted this on his Facebook page. I thought it was worth sharing-

Church should be boring and it is only the boring church that changes you. What changes you more? Fifty years of marriage or an exciting six month affair? The exciting church is simply silly because it is church based on what you want and like. Nothing could be further from the faith. The exciting church is spiritual pornography, a spiritual blockbuster, a spiritual video game, a spiritual rock concert. You can’t live in any of those places. They are not real. Church needs to be real. If there is a spectrum with "exciting" on one end and "boring" on the other end, then to which end of the spectrum would these activities be closer: working a nine to five job? caring for a spouse after being married 30 years? raising several children? learning? practicing? serving someone extremely needy? cleaning? exercising? There is no doubt these activities are closer to the boring end of things. Yet they are all very important and profound activities. They are all things God wants us to be faithful in through the boredom and difficulty. So why have we fallen for the lie that the Church's worship (hymnody, liturgy, preaching, sacraments) should be exciting and if it is not then the church is "dead" and we should divorce it or quit it?

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Woody Woodward said...

These thoughts took me back a few weeks ago. We were at my 45th High School reunion in OKC and we drove by the huge 1st Assembly of God, right off I-40, between Portland and Meridian. The Sanctuary is a huge brick building with walls probably 4 stories high. All over the side of the building were “tickle ears” very colorful advertisements, inviting “seekers” to come. With painted cartoon characters, and pictures of sports legends, the message was plain, “Come and See, God is Here!” It was a disgrace to advertise our Lord and Savior as some kind of entertainment spectacle. Wished I would have stop to take a picture.