Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Caroline Kennedy, Catholic woman

Caroline Kennedy delivered a very audacious speech at the recent Democratic National Convention.  In this clip she invokes her Roman Catholicism to criticize a recent string of states enacting legislation that puts waiting periods before women can get abortions.  She actually uses her Catholicism as the basis for advocating abortion rights.  Unreal.  I hope Cardinal Dolan had a word with her...but I doubt it.  Rome talks a good talk, but it doesn't seem they do much to discipline the likes of Kennedy, Pelosi, Biden, Sebelius, and many other pro-abortion Roman Catholics.  Where's the Papal Bull of excommunication when it's actually needed?

Kudos to O'Reilly for noting the outlandish nature of Kennedy's connection.

Dennis Miller had the best response to the Democrats propensity to promote abortion-

"Dems believe in cradle to the grave assistance, it's just making it to the cradle that's tricky"


Woody Woodward said...

At our prayer time this morning Gary and I talked about the outlandish speakers the Dem's actually invited to speak, no, better stated to vomit forth their selfish, radical left wing agenda. Worst of which is the horrible sick argument that Caroline and many others spewed forth, murdering the most precious gift of God is justifiable for any reason and that “protecting a women’s rights to choose” murder over life is more important than protecting the life of the most innocent. Like you, I see all these baby killer politicians, men and women both, dare to call themselves practicing Catholics! And like you, I wonder where their Priests are and why they aren’t publically denounced and then excommunicated from the church? When I get angry and want to scream, my spirit is consoled knowing that each baby killer will one day stand before the Lord. And each will be held accountable for the millions of unborn babies that have been murdered for selfish sake of convenience. Last count I had was over 40 million babies. Babies that had no voice, babies that had no rights, babies that were denied “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Perry said...

So, why not write the Pope, yourself, about the high-profile American Catholic human manure spreaders? Hence: The apropo port-a-potty quip. Aren't you going for a Ph.D.? You must have taken a language, or two, in all that time the Pope can understand?