Thursday, January 17, 2013

Controlled Rant: He really doesn't get it?

President Obama is a very intelligent man. He's a Harvard graduate and a proven motivator and communicator.

He is exceptionally liberal politically and socially. His prolific spending rate and effort to grow the Federal Government at least betrays his political philosophy.  His views on religion, abortion, and gay marriage (to name a few things) reveal his social views (and world view).  

After two recent mass shootings, where deranged individuals mowed down innocent people, it seems he believed the iron was hot and so decided to strike in the arena of gun control.  Gun control is a big deal in this country, as we have an amendment (the second, no less) to protect private gun ownership. This particular amendment was included to safeguard citizens against a tyrannical government. Virtually all the despotic leaders of world history were able to grow their empires and pour out their evil when the citizenry was unarmed and unable to resist.  President Obama thinks banning certain guns will curb psychos from stealing guns and committing murder. Some suggest his push to exact more government control over private gun ownership reveals more sinister long term motives.  I don't think such is the case, but rather believe he sees the government and law-making/enforcing as the way to shape a more perfect society.  He has fundamental misunderstandings about the nature of mankind, the right role of government, and history. For the record, before I go farther- I don't put his socialist political advocacy on the same level of importance as his promotion of weak or wrong moral/social standards. A socialist country that actually protected religious liberty, didn't promote abortion or legitimize gay marriage wouldn't be that bad, would it?  OK, that's s different discussion.  Suffice to say, I think moral decay and corruption is what ultimately leads to a given society's undoing.

Back to my controlled rant-

Again, the President and his close supporters are highly educated individuals. He staged his big gun control announcement surrounded by little children. In his speech he waxed poetic about enacting 23 (expensive) executive orders aimed at reducing gun-related violence. The strangest in Obama’s gun proposals today was his deputizing of family doctors who will be asked to rat on gun owners.  Maybe, as some have suggested, it connects with Obamacare.  Eventually,when everyone has to go to government doctors, these doctors can also find out if their patients own guns?  Apparently he thinks physicians should be able to diagnose mental illness when doing an exam for strep throat?  Of his 23 executive orders, I doubt any of them will be genuinely effective in slowing gun-related violence. But then again, the President really thinks the government can fix most things.  During his highly emotionalized speech (thanks to the children he used as props surrounding him), he also spoke of legislation that will ban certain firearms and high capacity magazines.  "We must do it for the children", so he and others say.

Here's the thing I just don't get: The President and his numerous political cohorts speak of doing what's best for the children when promoting these new gun control orders and bills...yet, many of the same people also promote abortion on demand and partial birth abortion. Explain how this is resolved in their minds. President Obama, when he was in the Illinois Legislature, voted against a bill (four times!) that would protect a baby born alive after a failed abortion, but he wants to lecture us on more gun control as what is best for the children? OK, for those who are pro-abortion, I can sort of see how the abortion procedure is rationalized in the first 10-12 weeks, after all, it's not a baby yet, right?  But come on, the kind of sick rationalizing it takes to look at a baby in the womb past 20 weeks and not see at least nascent human life is staggering.  But what about partial birth abortion, which President Obama effectively advocates by his votes and protection?  Partially delivering a nearly full-term baby and cutting off it's head? Excuse me if I don't care in the least what he says about what's best for the children.  His moral compass is way too screwed up to make such a judgment- not just his, I realize, but a whole lot of incredibly powerful, responsible-to-God, elected and appointed leaders and judges. 

These are dreary days in a very sin sick land.  More and more we are calling evil good and good evil. Such a societal ethic never ends well.  

May God have mercy on us all. 


Adam said...

Great post Tony. Especially great paragraph at the end, "These are dreary days in a very sin sick land. More and more we are calling evil good and good evil." That's the crux of so much of this, people calling good evil and evil good.

Woody Woodward said...

What a coward! Using the children as pawns, how disgusting! The facts you stated were accurate and went straight to the heart of the entire issue, “calling evil good and good evil.” How far will this evil man go until our Lord steps in and bring His righteous judgment against our sin sick country? One thing you didn’t mention, which was a 100% political maneuver, is the fact that Obama had the audacity to actually appoint the chief gun-runner, exempt from prosecution by “executive dis-order”, the infamous Erick Holder himself. He gets to collect the guns and therefore stomp on the Second Amendment. After all Holder has already established a good market for guns with the drug lords in Mexico.

malcolm said...

And, as of today, 1-19, his approval rating in 52%!!!2625

Brad Phipps said...

What amazes me is how fast we have fallen from grace. A great awakening and revival spawned this nation but we can't seem to keep the faith once delivered as a voting majority. We have become like Esau and traded our amazing American birthright for a bowl of soup. Unless the Lord provides a miraculous revival we are headed for a breakup of our once great republic. Shame,shame as Gomer Pyle would say.

Morsel said...

I thought the very same thing when I saw his "tears" and heard his speech after the school shooting. What is going through his mind when he cannot see that the unborn or "partially born" are children also? Is he using some sick form of rationalization in his own heart?

"Sick" is the proper term for a society that is now also legalizing "same sex marriage", as if sin were something to be proud of.