Saturday, February 9, 2013

Dr. Benjamin Carson's bold speech

A bold message by Dr. Benjamin Carson, considering his audience, at the National Prayer Breakfast this week-

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Woody Woodward said...

I can’t believe Obama actually looked like he was listening? If Reepicheep readers haven’t seen the movie, “Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story” it’s Dr Carson’s powerful life story played by Cuba Gooding Jr! Here was my Net Flex review: This incredible Movie demands Respect and a simple Answer, Why didn’t this compelling true story make it on the Big Screen? We all know why, Hollywood ignores themes that promote moral ethics, faith in God, and wholesome family values. Cuba Gooding Jr. was incredible and well fitted for the part of brilliant, gifted hands, world-renowned Pediatric Neurosurgeon, Doctor Ben Carson. But his mother (Kimberly Elise) was the true hero in the story. Because of her love, inspiration, and determined faith, this struggling uneducated single mom, young Carson was able to overcome huge social, economical and educational boundaries. With incredible passion, Ben's hard working, self-sacrificing mother, constantly challenged both her Carson boys to never say, “I can’t… don’t settle for mediocrity, believe in God and always believe in yourselves”. Tired exhausted, house-cleaning mom turned off the TV. Making her boys take weekly trips to the library, each was required to read two books per week and give her a written report. Transporting the boys on many exciting mental journeys, learning to imagine things as they can be, while personally challenging their hungry minds, they explored the vast depths of God’s creation, through the miracle of books. Seeing amazing determination and God given abilities, inspiring teachers also joined in the challenge, gently pushing the Carson boys towards the importance of a good education. But young Ben Carson faces huge anger and temper issues. Coming face to face with the consequences of evil, in a moment of heated passion, God’s divine providence keeps evil from winning! His emotional pleading prayer, Lord, take away this anger and my evil temper! As Carson matured, emerging from every miracle surgery, his testimony of genuine humility, prayer, faith and trust in the Ultimate Physician takes control. Watch the special features and get to know the behind the scenes story of these remarkably gifted hands!