Friday, March 8, 2013

If Rome delays...

As a member of the "separated brethren", I should be eligible for Pope, right?  Historically there have been people named Bishop just barely after becoming a priest (Ambrose, for one).  Why wouldn't I be considered (being Reformed, married, and American, not withstanding) ?

Quite a few popes were married in the first millennium of the Papacy. Very interestingly in papal history is Benedict IX. He resigned the papacy in order to marry. Never mind the reports of Pope Victor III who said of Benedict IX "His life as a pope was so vile, so foul, so execrable, that I shudder to think of it."

So, why not me? Well, if Rome delays too long...I'm going Eastern!! I think Eastern priests can be married.


Woody Woodward said...

So does this mean this Lord's Day you will be adorned in this attire instead of your Papal Robe?

A Vote for Pope Tony will have no baloney!

Lloyd said...

If you are Orthodox, I don't think you can make it past priest or pro to-presbyter if you are married.