Thursday, April 11, 2013

Are we seeing America's undoing?

There is so much sick and wrong with our nation today.

Nothing is more sick and wrong than the legalized killing of 4,000 human beings each day in name of "choice" and under the label of "women's health" and in the category of "reproductive rights".  As a society, we have decided abortion and all it's grisly trappings is a worthy trade off to have sex as we please.

To be fair, sinful and depraved men are the reason abortion exists.  Certainly (in the majority of cases) it takes two consenting individuals to have sex, however one is far more personally impacted by a pregnancy.  If the men of our race were mindful and responsible about our protection of women, there would be no such thing as "unwanted" pregnancies.  Women feel they need the "choice" of abortion to safeguard against victimization and to be equal with men.  On a general societal level it is a shame men have forced women in to this position.  It is a further shame that women feel absolute equality with men is a wise pursuit.  Still though, it is important for those of a pro-life conviction, in all their hatred for the abortion procedure, to recognize why seemingly rational, civilized people, take a pro-abortion stance.  Most pro-choice/pro-abortion folks are focusing on what happens to a woman when she becomes pregnant and immediately has her life defined by that situation- while the man could potentially go on his way with little or no consequence.  Incredible pressure comes to bear on a young woman who finds herself in such a spot, especially if by no fault of her own she is in a family or social network that ignores or denies nascent human life at conception.  Once again, abortion primarily exists because of the epic moral failure of men.

The abortion epidemic at its root is a problem of self-worship and idolatry- the very ingredients that always lead to the decline of civilization and the hand of God's judgment. Abortion is clearly a human rights issue, but even more specifically in America, it is a civil rights issue.  Poor, African American communities are far and away the chief targets of the multi-billion dollar abortion industry.  How have civil rights advocates not focused all attention on the absolute assault against black communities by pro-abortion businesses?  There is no other big business as racist and lucrative as the abortion machine.  While the homosexual lobby has somehow successfully commandeered the civil rights movement to promote it's cause, voiceless and powerless unborn millions stagger toward their slaughter with barely an ounce of advocacy from the same folks.

There is a case being tried right now in Philadelphia, the ironic home of an historic bell called "Liberty",  that gives America yet another chance to confront her most evil demon- abortion.  

Please view this short clip below about the case now going on.  You simply must. 

If the slaughter of the unborn is not soon stemmed, I fear it will be too late and we will all suffer under the wrath of God. We may already be seeing America's undoing because of our wicked sin in this area.


christianlady said...

Sorry, can't watch it once I realized what it is. I believe my heart would break and I would not be able to do the things I must do to move on tomorrow. I do think people need to face this holocaust, I know what's happening and am trying my best to promote life, but I cannot bear to look and hear about this horror. Thank you for being bold to speak up.

Adam said...

Tony, I heard Dr. James White say a while back "America will not be punished for abortion, America is pushed with abortion."

When the main dominant philosophy of modern day is hedonism, how can we expect people to be against abortion? That would mean they would have to abstain from "sex as they please" and other pleasures. We as a country voted in a president who multiple times voted "NO" to Born Alive Infants Protection Act, see here

I agree with you 100% Tony and unfortunately I think that it will take a major issue to stem the tide of people that think abortion is just a 'choice'. (if that's a all criminal acts are just choices). However, as you pointed out, I am personally convicted men should disciple other men and teach them to be responsible and obey God. If this happened in our country there would be no abortions to have.

Woody Woodward said...

I forced myself to watch. On the internet this week I had followed a bit of this horror story on FOX, but like “Christian Lady” it was too much for me to bear so I turned it off. But today I watched this despicable disgusting story unfold for 20 gruesome minutes. My surprise was to see Katy Couric doing this piece. She is about as liberal and feminist as they come, but maybe she has changed for His good? With what has happened to our country in the past 5 years, with Obama as our nations dictator, seeing the deterioration of every moral value, everything that at one time was right is now considered “intolerant”, I would have never thought this could happen. And sadly most Americans don’t care or are clueless. What has occurred behind Obama’s dark doors of “progressive thinking” is unconscionable. America is undone! God’s wrath and judgment are upon us and it will only get worse. We are becoming Sodom and Gomorrah and if we don’t repent! Well, we know what’s in store for all of us….. God’s wrath. I pray I am able to stand firm.