Thursday, April 4, 2013

Roger Ebert dies after a resilient fight against cancer

Roger Ebert died after a valiant fight against cancer today.  He often spoke in humble terms about his "battle" with the deadly disease.  I commend all those who suffer with chronic, painful illness, but Ebert's particular handling of a disfiguring and life-changing ailment(he had not been able to eat food in seven years) seemed extraordinary to me.

I don't watch too many films, but I have always read his reviews of the ones I was about to see.  Approximately half the time I think he hit the nail on the head.  In any case, his insights were interesting and he often spoke about the magic of a film not being what it told, but how it told what it told.

Roger Ebert was a very interesting, dynamic fellow.  I especially remember his reviews of various religious films and how he accurately explained the message of redemption contained therein. He definitely could articulate the Christian message of redemption and grace, yet never publicly embraced it.  He grew up Roman Catholic, and despite recounting some positive influences from nuns, negativity always seemed to accompany his recounting of his religious experience.  I do hope that we will find, through eyewitness accounts that emerge, Roger Ebert professed faith in Christ during these last months, weeks, days, hours, or minutes before he succumbed.  If not, no human being can definitively rule out his coming to Christ some time recently- he certainly had enough information about the person and work of Christ.

The only thing we are left with, at this point, is a post he did just over a month ago.  In an article he wrote for the Chicago-Sun Times, entitled How I am a Roman Catholic, he basically dismantles Roman Catholicism.  Unfortunately, in so doing, he states-

I consider myself Catholic, lock, stock and barrel, with this technical loophole: I cannot believe in God. I refuse to call myself a atheist however, because that indicates too great a certainty about the unknowable.

He wrote this March 1.  I hope God breathed spiritual life in to Him and he embraced Christ before April 3.

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Woody Woodward said...

Wow Tony, some great thoughts of remembrance. Like you I wonder how anyone can face the death without seeking and searching out someone who can answer “what if?” I hope he settled that question of all questions before facing yesterday’s entrance into eternity.