Thursday, July 11, 2013

A buck head mount in the main room reveals much...

I Have lordship over just a few square feet of "my"physical house, but they are choice square feet for sure!  Above the living room mantle is mounted my best whitetail buck harvested with a bow.  My wife is not a redneck wife, so it was a major concession for her to allow such a manly display.

{stick with me, I'm going somewhere extremely insightful with this}

My friend, who will be Redeemer's next youth pastor, is in town with his wife looking for a house. Listening to them discuss the various houses they have visited reminds me of the three times Shari and I have bought one. Men and women have different perspectives and feelings about what makes a house the right buy or what makes a house "a home". Anyways, it's fun listening to them deliberate.

As providence would have it, at lunch today a friend gave me an interesting article from the National Review. Carrie Lukas reviews "Men on Strike" by Helen Smith which is about the way men are "boycotting marriage, fatherhood, and the American Dream."  Lukas makes a choice statement-

"Men's existence is curtailed not solely in the public sphere, but also often in their own homes. While women control the main living space in most homes, men and their interests and hobbies are often relegated to the basement, to what commonly is referred to as a 'man cave.' While the practice of forcing men to take refuge in a corner of their own homes is snickered at, Smith makes a compelling case that this is a demeaning, and telling, trend."

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Woody Woodward said...

At least you got the basement man-cave. When we built our house 21 years ago, the only say so I had was the garage. But it's cool garage and plenty of space for my cool tools! Even got my own air-conditioner.