Wednesday, August 21, 2013

God's creature, the Cicada

Doing yard work today I discovered a cicada in the final stages of molting.  It was fascinating and a fresh reminder of God's design at work.  There are over 2500 varieties of cicada in the world.  They can stay in the ground as grubs or nymphs for three or four years (or far more) before crawling up a tree, locking on, and emerging as a flying insect that lets out that high pitched noise so common in late summer.

The careful design of creatures like the cicada attests to the existence of God.

Here's the progression I witnessed today-

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Woody Woodward said...

Seeing creations like your Cicada does indeed make you wonder “how could anyone witness such marvelous things of nature and not believe in God. I too am struck with awe with another truly amazing creation of our Creator. Every time Cheri and I spend a week in Angel fire, NM we always take our hummingbird feeder. First thing I do before we even unpack is get the feeder ready. After the sugar water cools, it doesn’t take 5 minutes for 10 to 20 amazing little birds to begin feasting at our feeder. Every morning and in the evening we sit on the deck for hours just watching them buzz about. Because of the bears we take the feeder in every night. At first light I carry the feeder back to its hanging place. By the end of the week these amazing creations are feeding while I carry the feeder. Sometimes they are only inches away from my face and what a gift to observe. I have said many times how could anyone watch these tiny birds fly backwards, sideways, forwards and tart so fast you can’t follow them and have the audacity to say “there is no God!”