Friday, September 27, 2013

One last trot to the mound...

Last night in New York was historic.

The greatest closer in the history of baseball- a man who has treated the game, his teammates, and the fans, with dignity and class- trotted out to the mound at Yankee stadium for the last time.

Modern sports are suffering from a huge deficit in character and class.  Hopefully young athletes are paying attention to Mariano Rivera and it rubs off.


Woody Woodward said...

It's funny. We used to travel every year to Mazatlan Mexico. Every cab driver we talked with would always asked us about the Royals. But could give a rip about the Chiefs.
Bet they love the Yankee's!

Perry said...

I apologize for barging in on this post with something else. But, it is sports related. That's why I'm mentioning it here. Check out, I believe, one of the latest pictures of Canadian minor league hockey player Sebastien Courcelles, of Quebec's Thetford-Mines Isothermic. He's got an incredibly bad skate gash on the side of his face. But, by the looks of the picture who knows if he's going to exit the game to get that gash attended to.