Friday, December 13, 2013

20 Year Anniversary of Nirvana's historic unplugged concert

I remember driving to work in Wichita, Kansas on April 8, 1994 and hearing the body of Curt Cobain had been found in his Seattle home.  A few days prior, he shot himself in the head after getting high on heroine one last time.

Cobain and his band Nirvana were pioneers of "grunge rock" in the 90's and with each passing year the genius of their music becomes more evident.  There were many such "grunge" bands from their era, but none were better.

Cobain himself was such a tragic figure.  A musical and lyrical genius, he battled drug addiction the whole of his short adult life. He seemed to struggle with awful mental/emotional and spiritual demons.  He sang about Christian themes, questioned the purpose of life, and wrote of meaninglessness regularly.  The band's name echoes his tendency toward a Buddhistic kind of philosophy.  Despite such a connection, he never showed a peace that remotely resembled what the band's name was supposed to conjure.

Four months before Cobain's suicide, Nirvana performed a truly epic unplugged concert.  I watched it again today as I was studying and working.  There is an eery sense of his impending death as you watch him fidget and talk awkwardly, all the while singing Nirvana's deeply profound songs.  Such a sad case of a man apparently without Christ.  Obviously no one but God knows if he ever came to trust Christ before taking his life- I sincerely and deeply hope so.  Whatever the case, gifted musicians like Curt Cobain receive their abilities from God.

Here's the concert:

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Woody Woodward said...

You are a much more open-minded, compassionate, understanding and forgiving Christian than I am. Have to confess, it’s only my opinion, but this loud banging, drug induced, sin in your face culture these acid rock and heavy metal bands seem to advocate or at least represent isn’t the kind of music I would ever celebrate. But again, I go way back, old as dirt, and when the Beatles came out with “Revolution” and “Sgt Pepper’s Heart Club” album, I lost all interest in rock.
Sorry, but just couldn't talk myself into listening.