Sunday, December 29, 2013

Scratch list of topics for a Book

I have been brainstorming about subjects I would like to write on.  I am thinking of blog posts in 2014, but also beginning to write a book on one or more of these topics.  Here's my scratch list:

Coaching as a discipleship tool Team Sports/competition as a discipleship/spiritual formation tool Navigating competitive youth sports as a Christian parent
Personal Foster care/Adoption Journey
A balanced view of Foster Care/Adoption related to local churches
Pastoral/Discipleship Ministry team development
Trickle down (Leadership to Laity) Church unity
Corporate worship with biblical, historical, and contemporary considerations
The simplicity and timelessness of a Word/Sacrament ministry
Lessons learned when I was a young senior pastor (30 to 40 era)
The pastor as a Coach instead of a CEO or Military Leader
Social Media as a Pastoral tool
Why a plurality of elders/pastors is better for a church
Pastoral ministry is not a one man endeavor/advocacy of pastoral ministry team model
Building a ministry team for a mid-sized church (considerations, approach, ongoing nurture, mistakes made, etc.)
Keeping it real in Suburban Church ministry
Suburban Christianity that is still Christian
Guilt free Suburban Christianity
Spiritual Battle with the idol of food/weight and body image worship
Walking the faith, Not just talking about it
Sent by Jesus to bring: The Gospel, Compassion, Truth, Peace
Being Reformed and still fit to live with
First generation Christian fatherhood (more of a “how not to” guide, I’m guessing)
A biblical view/practice of hobbies, recreation, entertainment, etc.
Suckering a woman who is way too good for you, to marry you

What are your thoughts?


Malcolm said...

Random thoughts. Dr. Calhoun would probably snicker at you reflecting on what you did as a "young" pastor when you are still in your early 40's. Seriously, though, the being reformed and fit to live with really resonates with me. I have seen you grow in this respect a great deal. I have seen others in the church step backwards in this respect. Being reformed doesn't mean being intolerant and judgmental but this is the way those who are reformed come off to others who are not. My vote is for this topic.

Woody Woodward said...

Wow, you are going to be busy. Here’s a suggestion for the title of a book that you could certainly write about. “The Approachable Pastor without the Plastic Stuffing.”

Perry said...

Hahahahahaha! You have this huge list of important Christian topics that probably should all see the light of day in book form from a pastor's heart. However, your last topic took the cake. "Getting a woman whose too good for you, to marry you." Hahaha! While I would love to see a book like that in print, I don't know if I could read a secular account of that pursuit. Still, pastor, stick to your day job and edify and build-up the body of Christ. Unless you really sense the call of God to write that book, don't waste your time. I believe if you don't have the Lord's blessing on something like that, but He allows you to write it anyway, you will regret it, especially the time wasted writing it.