Saturday, April 20, 2013

They raised their hand against everyone and everyone's hand was raised against them

This evening the second of two men who appear to be responsible for bombs that ripped apart innocent people at the Boston Marathon, we are told, has been captured alive. The first suspect was shot dead as he attempted a violent escape earlier today.

Like most people, when I saw the news reports from Boston and the live shots showing a bloody sidewalk, people missing limbs, and pathetic chaos, I was angry. My thoughts first went to justice and making the perpetrators pay.  I wondered if it was an act of Islamic terrorism.  I wondered if it was some domestic Timothy McVeigh like crazy person.  Whoever it turned out to be, I wanted them to die.

The death toll turned out to be three with close to 200 people injured, many of whom lost limbs or suffered serious damage to them.  In the manhunt today, another person died- a security guard at MIT.  Many lives have been radically altered and made so much more difficult because of the decisions and actions of these two young men.  Such a hateful, cowardly act.

When there are mass shootings, massacres, bombings, and other announcements of some crisis situation going on with a shooter or violent person loose, I never think- I wonder who she is?

As it relates to serial killers, terrorists, organizers of violent hate- how many are women? We men have fallen so far from God's calling for us in this world.

When the pictures of these two young brothers were broadcasted, my heart sunk. The younger boy, the one still alive, is only a few years older than my son.  There he was, casually walking with his hat backwards- with a weapon of mass destruction on his back, intent on mayhem.  What hatred has filled his heart at such a young age! What is so difficult about his life, that he thinks death and destruction poured out on others-including young children- is a worthy legacy to leave?  These two brothers made homemade bombs to do their evil deeds.  With personal, particular care, they packed common kitchen pots with nails and bb's.  Have you considered how conscientious they were in their planning? This wasn't a violent act done in a moment of fury or ill temper.  Quite calmly they must have looked up instructions about making such a bomb, and with great sobriety went about piecing the devices together.  When a person makes another person a meal, we call it a "labor of love".  When these men made their bombs, it was a "labor of vicious hatred".  The level of vitriol and rage that must have burned in their souls is difficult to comprehend, even for someone as wicked as I.  In my overt judgment of these two men, please understand my own self evaluation and acknowledgement of a personal capacity to do something as evil, save for the grace of God. I believe any person is capable of any evil deed, I really do.  Still, when things as calculated as the bombing we just saw or the Sandy Hook shooting or the Arizona theater massacre happen, it does set me back. The depravity of man and the distance it will take us really does rock me.

Really though, it is almost always men who do these things.  The entrance of sin in to the human race rendered spectacular violence to the image of God in men. The Genesis account of man's rebellion is no myth, certainly you know this?  People aren't generally or basically good- we have to stop propagating that lie. What limit does our evil have without the restraining grace of God?  These boys could be my sons, indeed, they could be yours.  Please Lord Jesus, intervene in all of our families.  We truly need Christ every hour, and in every member of our family's life.  I am very glad one of the terrorists is dead and the other has been captured, but I am also reasonably depressed about another instance of men exacting such hateful destruction.  Things aren't the way they're supposed to be my friends.  Such episodes should drive us all to Christ. He is our only hope for redemption.

It really is incredible the kind of havoc young men can reek. Men are called to be protectors, leaders, servants, and submitted to Christ. To see these two young men in Boston choose to destroy rather than cultivate grieves me. As a father of sons and a mentor of young men, seeing these terrorists go the way of Ishmael (Genesis 16:12) makes me shudder. May God give peace, through Christ, to their victims. May God give us assisting grace to raise up men who love and serve rather than hate and kill.

"He shall be a wild donkey of a man, his hand against everyone and everyone's hand against him, and he shall dwell over against all his kinsmen.” -Genesis 16:12

Friday, April 19, 2013

Dancing Queen

This lady is cool. She should bring a smile to your face. She's just waiting for the bus.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Are we seeing America's undoing?

There is so much sick and wrong with our nation today.

Nothing is more sick and wrong than the legalized killing of 4,000 human beings each day in name of "choice" and under the label of "women's health" and in the category of "reproductive rights".  As a society, we have decided abortion and all it's grisly trappings is a worthy trade off to have sex as we please.

To be fair, sinful and depraved men are the reason abortion exists.  Certainly (in the majority of cases) it takes two consenting individuals to have sex, however one is far more personally impacted by a pregnancy.  If the men of our race were mindful and responsible about our protection of women, there would be no such thing as "unwanted" pregnancies.  Women feel they need the "choice" of abortion to safeguard against victimization and to be equal with men.  On a general societal level it is a shame men have forced women in to this position.  It is a further shame that women feel absolute equality with men is a wise pursuit.  Still though, it is important for those of a pro-life conviction, in all their hatred for the abortion procedure, to recognize why seemingly rational, civilized people, take a pro-abortion stance.  Most pro-choice/pro-abortion folks are focusing on what happens to a woman when she becomes pregnant and immediately has her life defined by that situation- while the man could potentially go on his way with little or no consequence.  Incredible pressure comes to bear on a young woman who finds herself in such a spot, especially if by no fault of her own she is in a family or social network that ignores or denies nascent human life at conception.  Once again, abortion primarily exists because of the epic moral failure of men.

The abortion epidemic at its root is a problem of self-worship and idolatry- the very ingredients that always lead to the decline of civilization and the hand of God's judgment. Abortion is clearly a human rights issue, but even more specifically in America, it is a civil rights issue.  Poor, African American communities are far and away the chief targets of the multi-billion dollar abortion industry.  How have civil rights advocates not focused all attention on the absolute assault against black communities by pro-abortion businesses?  There is no other big business as racist and lucrative as the abortion machine.  While the homosexual lobby has somehow successfully commandeered the civil rights movement to promote it's cause, voiceless and powerless unborn millions stagger toward their slaughter with barely an ounce of advocacy from the same folks.

There is a case being tried right now in Philadelphia, the ironic home of an historic bell called "Liberty",  that gives America yet another chance to confront her most evil demon- abortion.  

Please view this short clip below about the case now going on.  You simply must. 

If the slaughter of the unborn is not soon stemmed, I fear it will be too late and we will all suffer under the wrath of God. We may already be seeing America's undoing because of our wicked sin in this area.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Lady Thatcher dies at the age of 87

No matter what you think of her politics and governing, Margaret Thatcher was one of the boldest, most impacting leaders of our time.

On the occasion of her death today, I have been refreshing my memory viewing clips.  I was a young teen when she took office, but she was the British Prime Minister through the 80's right up until I went to college.  My memory of her and American President Ronald Reagan is quite vivid.  I didn't agree with some of her ideas and positions, nor with some of President Reagan's.  Compared to what we are witnessing today,  however, I would take them both back in a second.

It seems to me, and I acknowledge the tendency to romanticize such things, we have mostly politicians today, rather than statesmen and principled rulers.  I can certainly think of a few elected officials who swim against the tide of personal power grabbing and special interest pandering, but for the most part the Margaret Thatchers of world governance, are gone.  I hope I live long enough to see a few return.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Roger Ebert dies after a resilient fight against cancer

Roger Ebert died after a valiant fight against cancer today.  He often spoke in humble terms about his "battle" with the deadly disease.  I commend all those who suffer with chronic, painful illness, but Ebert's particular handling of a disfiguring and life-changing ailment(he had not been able to eat food in seven years) seemed extraordinary to me.

I don't watch too many films, but I have always read his reviews of the ones I was about to see.  Approximately half the time I think he hit the nail on the head.  In any case, his insights were interesting and he often spoke about the magic of a film not being what it told, but how it told what it told.

Roger Ebert was a very interesting, dynamic fellow.  I especially remember his reviews of various religious films and how he accurately explained the message of redemption contained therein. He definitely could articulate the Christian message of redemption and grace, yet never publicly embraced it.  He grew up Roman Catholic, and despite recounting some positive influences from nuns, negativity always seemed to accompany his recounting of his religious experience.  I do hope that we will find, through eyewitness accounts that emerge, Roger Ebert professed faith in Christ during these last months, weeks, days, hours, or minutes before he succumbed.  If not, no human being can definitively rule out his coming to Christ some time recently- he certainly had enough information about the person and work of Christ.

The only thing we are left with, at this point, is a post he did just over a month ago.  In an article he wrote for the Chicago-Sun Times, entitled How I am a Roman Catholic, he basically dismantles Roman Catholicism.  Unfortunately, in so doing, he states-

I consider myself Catholic, lock, stock and barrel, with this technical loophole: I cannot believe in God. I refuse to call myself a atheist however, because that indicates too great a certainty about the unknowable.

He wrote this March 1.  I hope God breathed spiritual life in to Him and he embraced Christ before April 3.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Elementary students sing "Flight of the Icarus"

I'm no closet Iron Maiden fan, I admit.  I'm definitely no government school fan either.  Well, maybe I've been too hard on the public system?  This excellent rendition of Iron Maiden's "Flight of the Icarus" by some elementary students is certainly a step in the right educational direction!