Monday, March 3, 2014

The Oscars (Neo-Paganism) interrupted by Neo-Evangelicalism-Lite

The Oscars are one of the most telling displays of neo-paganism one can observe, for that, I am always intrigued and pay attention. The best actor winner- Mattthew McConaughey- was totally deserving. His performance was masterful. 

His speech stood out, because he gave some credit to "God" at the beginning. I put "God" in quotes because what he said next rather defined God in his personal view (not based on God's revelation of Himself in Scripture or nature, for that matter). He spoke of His father in some kind of heaven, looking down with satisfaction. He noted the usual humanistic "respect yourself so you can respect others" doctrine, and then went on to say his life motivation is about chasing himself as his own hero. 

Honestly, his speech didn't make logical, coherent sense. As you might expect, many Christians are lauding his speech because in the midst of such a hedonistic, humanistic, neo-paganistic crowd, it sounded like he was Joel Osteen. 

But therein lies the problem- Joel Osteen is emblematic of the weakness of "Christian" thought in America today. So it was Neo-Paganism interrupted by Neo-Evangelicalism-lite as represented by a Joel Osteen-esque Matthew McConaughey. 

Yes, America in 2014.

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Woody Woodward said...

Couldn’t watch the clip, said it had been removed? Cheri watched this public display of outrageous arrogance blended with out of control egos. I refused to watch! I do like Matthew McConaughey, and we did see the movie. Great acting and a powerful drama but when I left the movie house I felt like I needed to take a bath.