Thursday, April 17, 2014

Fast track to Sainthood: John Paul II

Having grown up Roman Catholic and spending much time studying the church then and more recently, the history of the papacy is thoroughly intriguing to me. For part of my doctoral studies, I researched the history of several popes.

I think what causes me such interest in the papacy is the way authority works in the Roman Church. Ultimately, Romanists think the Pope is the chief Apostle on earth, acting as the vicar of Christ.  For Roman Catholics, authority rests with the Pope, unlike Reformed Christians, who believe the Bible is the chief authority.  Part of my research revealed a growing recognition of papal authority over the course of centuries.  The idea of papal infallibility and authority developed over time with each new pope.

So, any news about papal happenings interests me.

I recently learned Pope John Paul II was beatified a few years ago in a ceremony that cost the Vatican more than $1.65 million! He will be the fastest tracked "saint" in the history of Catholic saint-making, beating out Mother Theresa.

I cannot help but wonder how the victims of the vast sex abuse scandals over his 27 year papacy feel about his rather quick canonization?


Lloyd said...

While reading your blog and eating a bowel of cereal, I noticed a floating picture of Jesus formed by the frosted flakes. It was truly a miracle. A nagging back pain went away at the same time. Truly another miracle. I'm now petitioning for your beatification. If you would be so kind as to die, it would speed up the process. St. Tony the Tiger.

Perry said...

'Sorry. In light of your "epic" commercial post, I have to say this. If there's ever a chance that we meet in your city of residence, please, please, please don't serve me a "bowel of cereal." Just putting the cereal in a bowl will be enough. Thanks.

Woody Woodward said...

Just thinking about all those horrible crimes disguised as “deeds of trust” perpetrated on the “least of these” by so called “men of God” spoken of by the term “father” makes me wonder? First of all what the Lord has in store for these evil doers when they face the Great IAM at the Great White Throne. Then second I think about for the thousands of such heinous crimes that have been made known, how many more thousands of innocent children, who have been permanently scarred by “trusting” in these wicked, have never come forth to tell their stories. I can understand why the lost say “religious people are all a bunch of fake hypocrites!”