Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Redeemer Story in Pictures

I am a very nostalgic person. I love "Throwback Thursday".

This week marks my 17th year of ministry at Redeemer.  I am so blessed.  I don't know how long the Lord has us here, but I'd be fine with forever.

This day marks the date 16 years ago when Redeemer bought the second ten acres of the current site which allowed for the current Church/School campus we now are blessed with.  Here's a brief pictorial overview of our building history.

The pictures show the various stages of building progress the Lord has guided, keeping in mind buildings are not the Church. The wonderful brethren of RPC are God's house- a royal priesthood in fact! The pictures help jar memories about all things related to God's care and growing of us.  Landmark buildings tell a deep, multi-layered story.


Malcolm said...

We started reading at the back of the book on church development and worked backwards to the first chapter. It really is an amazing story of how God has blessed our church.

Woody Woodward said...

Speaking of nostalgia, who was the first covenant child you had the honor of baptizing? I remember our first Redeemer baptism like it was yesterday. It was baby Matheo Chiriboga. And that was providential because I will also never forget the first person who greeted new comers Cheri and Woody on that very special Lord’s Day, January 23, 2005 was Walter Chiriboga. Every time I see Matheo I think of the joy of having the honor to see him growing up in Jesus.