Saturday, July 19, 2014

Advice for Preachers from R.B. Kuiper

"A simple and conversational yet forceful sermon delivery commands both respect and response. Enthusiasm inspires. Logic is convincing, the illogical confusing. As preachers, let us have a heart. Let us stop wearying our audiences. Let us make our preaching so absorbingly interesting that even the children would rather listen to us than draw pictures and will thus put to shame their paper-and-pencil-supplying parents." -R.B. Kuiper


Woody Woodward said...

At Iron Sharpens Iron on Saturday, Brother Galen read this powerful comment that pretty much ties right in with Kuiper’s thought.
The Elisabeth Elliott said this about "Acceptance vs. Resignation":
- Only in acceptance lies peace; not in resignation or busyness
- Resignation is surrender to fate; acceptance is surrender to God
- Resignation lies down quietly in an empty universe; acceptance rises up to meet the God who fills that universe with purpose and destiny
- Resignation says, "I can't"; acceptance says, "God can!"
- Resignation says, "It's all over for me"; acceptance asks, "Now that I am here, what's next, Lord?"
- Resignation says, "What a waste"; acceptance asks, "In what redemptive way will You use this mess, Lord?"

M J Mounts said...

Jack Miller said, “Cheer up, you are a lot worse than you think. But, God’s grace is greater than you can imagine.”

We love this quote from Mr. Miller. Perhaps others, too, will see the value in self-evaluation, and how GOD really is on our side! PTL!