Wednesday, November 18, 2015

2015 Kansas Bow Buck

The Lord has blessed me with a great bow season again this year.  This past week I have been on vacation, basically hunting all day every day.

Each day I saw many deer moving while on stand.  Despite warm afternoon temps, I got a glimpse of some real giants.

Yesterday I harvested this huge buck.  He's a mainframe 8 pointer with several extra scoreable points (13 points total).  His gross measurement (for those who care) is 164 1/8.  That makes him my biggest whitetail ever.

"I do not hunt for the joy of killing but for the joy of living, and the inexpressible pleasure of mingling my life however briefly, with that of a wild creature that I respect,admire, and value"
- John Madson

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Woody Woodward said...

Wow, another great hunt, staring the 2 great white bow hunters. Can you put Nathan’s great video on your blog so I can show it around? After watching several times the outstanding video you shot of Nathan’s “big gnarly pig” of a deer, I had to watch your big kill from last year that Nathan filmed.