Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Penal substitution in personal terms

If you ever hear a "pastor" or teacher denying the doctrine of penal substitution, get as far away from that wolf as you can.  Jesus satisfied the wrath of God for our sin by His work on the cross. Period.  Jesus' prime purpose for dying on the cross wasn't to be an example of sacrifice or to send a message of love, he died to satisfy the divine justice of God and endure the righteous wrath of the Almighty in order to save us.  

J.I. Packer quantifies the bible's teaching on penal substitution in personal terms-

(1) God 'condones nothing’, but judges all sin as it deserves: which Scripture affirms, and my conscience confirms, to be right.

(2) My sins merit ultimate penal suffering and rejection from God’s presence (conscience also confirms this), and nothing I do can blot them out.

(3) The penalty due to me for my sins, whatever it was, was paid for me by Jesus Christ, the Son of God, in his death on the cross.

(4) Because this is so, I through faith in him am made ‘the righteousness of God in him’, i.e. I am justified; pardon, acceptance and sonship become mine.

(5) Christ’s death for me is my sole ground of hope before God. ‘If he fulfilled not justice, I must; if he underwent not wrath, I must to eternity.’

(6) My faith in Christ is God’s own gift to me, given in virtue of Christ’s death for me: i.e. the cross procured it.

(7) Christ’s death for me guarantees my preservation to glory.

(8) Christ’s death for me is the measure and pledge of the love of the Father and the Son to me.

(9) Christ’s death for me calls and constrains me to trust, to worship, to love and to serve.

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