Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Trueman gives a helpful angle on the Benedict Option

How should Christians relate with culture in modern America- as our nation now stands? 

This is a HUGE pastoral question that occupies my mind daily. 

I have never been comfortable with the formal sides of the "2K" vs "Transformationalist" debate within Reformed Christianity. I find both positions biblically wanting. While a lover of the theological system I subscribe to (Westminster), I am first and foremost a biblical theologian and an expositor of the biblical text. 

My study of Scripture over the past two decades has shaped my interpretation of the Church's role in the world, especially related to the current situation for Christians in the U.S. I have touched on my thinking in various blog posts and letters to my own church about our purpose and focus going forward in a rapidly digressing post-Christian America. 

A year ago I read Rod Dreher's "Benedict Option" and found myself resonating with much of what he said, but also finding it to feel a bit defeatist. In linked post below, Carl Trueman perfectly summarizes a helpful way to think of Dreher's offering. I think he's hit the nail on the head. Simply put, Christians ned to rethink and reorder....quickly.