Monday, September 19, 2016

George Whitefield on the meaning of "dead" in Ephesians 2

George Whitefield regarding our being "dead in trespasses and sins" (from Ephesians 2) before being made alive together with Christ. He uses the analogy of Lazarus-

"Come, you dead, Christless, unconverted sinners, come and see the place where they laid the body of the deceased Lazarus; behold him laid out, bound hand and foot with grave-clothes, locked up and stinking in a dark cave, with a great stone placed on the top of it.

View him again and again; go nearer to him; be not afraid; smell him. Ah! How he stinks.

Stop there now, pause a while; and while you are gazing upon the corpse of Lazarus, give me leave to tell you with great plainness, but greater love, that this dead, bound entombed, stinking carcass, is but a faint representation of your poor soul in its natural state: for, whether you believe or not, your spirit which you bear about with you, sepulchred in flesh and blood, is as literally dead to God, and as truly dead in trespasses and sins, as the body of Lazarus was in the cave.

Was he bound hand and foot with grave-clothes? So are you bound hand and foot with your corruptions: and as a stone was laid on the sepulchre, so is there a stone of unbelief upon your stupid heart.

Perhaps you have laid in this state, not only four days, but many years, stinking in God's nostrils. And, what is still more effecting you is being unable to raise yourself out of this loathsome, dead state, to a life of righteousness and true holiness, as ever Lazarus was to raise himself from the cave in which he lay so long.

You may try the power of your own boasted free-will, and the force and energy of moral persuasion and rational arguments (which, without all doubt, have their proper place in religion); but all your efforts, exerted with never so much vigor, will prove quite fruitless and abortive, till that same Jesus, who said 'Take away the stone'; and cried, 'Lazarus, come forth' also quicken you.

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