Monday, October 30, 2017

2017 Reformation Sunday Prayer

I offered this prayer on October 29, 2017 (Reformation Sunday) at Redeemer-

You O God are a mighty fortress for us. 
You are a bulwark who never fails. 
You are our helper in the midst of the floods of this often difficult life. 

We do not take this occasion of the 500th year since the Reformation lightly. 
Because of the Reformation we understand the necessity of your Word and all that it reveals, especially about faith in Christ and His finished Work. 

We do not gather each Lord’s Day to celebrate the glories of man or his power.
We gather to worship you for your Greatness, Holiness and Grace and give All glory to you alone. 

We do not come to this place hoping  we might gain your favor.
We come trusting in Christ’s finished Work knowing through Christ we are your securely adopted sons and daughters.

We do not come in order to have a human priest mediate your presence or your salvation to us.
We come directly in to your holy of holies, boldly to your throne of grace through union with Christ, our Great High Priest.

We do not gather to receive a superstitious meal served with words we do not understand.
We come to join with the fellowship of the redeemed to have our faith made stronger as we partake in the Supper of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  

We do not come to church to add our good works and somehow hopefully earn salvation.
We come on the basis of Christ’s perfect merit credited to our account by faith alone. 

We do not pray to Mary or any other dead person this morning or any morning.
We pray to you directly, our heavenly Father, just as Christ taught us to pray and just as He made possible by His sacrifice and exaltation to your right hand. There he sits, making continual intercession for us. We pray to you, Our God, through Him and by Your Spirit’s aid.

We are not here this morning hoping you will accept us and our works. 
We are here knowing you accept Jesus’ works on our behalf and so we are sure of your love for us and we desire to give you all the glory, for you alone deserve all glory.

We do not come to practice empty rites or participate in vain rituals. 
We do not come to celebrate past practices, or gain guidance from tradition or councils or any other contradictory word from man. We are hear to be fed your pure and powerful Word. 

On this morning in particular, we thank you for the Reformation which restored your Word to it’s proper place of authority over your Church. 

O Lord I pray for a Reformation in these times. 
I pray for a renewal of trust in your Word.
I pray for a new boldness and clarity about the gospel of Christ to go forth again.
I pray for an honest humility about man’s condition and need for redemption.
I pray that you would make us zealous for Your Glory. 
I pray for your people to love one another and exhibit unity in Christ.
I pray for a refreshed commitment to preaching Your Word and living according to your commandments, no matter the cultural cost. 
I pray for a modern reformation. 

Your Word is above all earthly powers.  
Your Spirit and the gifts are ours through Christ who sides with us. 
Grant that we would let goods and kindred go, this mortal life also;
Yes, the body they may kill, but your truth O God abides still, and Your Kingdom is forever. 

I lift this prayer through our perfect mediator, the Lord Jesus Christ Himself, Amen.

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