Tuesday, October 17, 2017

#MeToo advice for men

Husbands respect and protect your wife. 
Fathers love and protect your daughters. 
Fathers and mothers teach your sons to respect and protect women even if radical feminists say such a thing is sexist. Such feminism has done nothing but make everything worse. 
Brothers support and protect your sisters.
Brothers in Christ honor your sisters in Christ. 
None of this will happen if you’re supporting porn with your viewing. 
Viewing porn propagates the abuse of women, including the women you say you love. 
The abuse of women starts with men and could end there, by God’s grace.

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Shawn said...


I will say yes to the things you listed. However, when I see the news of females doing awful things to both males and females, I have to say the street is two ways.

Having been a victim of abuse by a female when I was young, I have a great deal of animosity towards social causes when they shed light on only part of a subject. I know the affects first hand of what abuse is, however in the current social atmosphere I also firmly believe that I am not allowed or wanted in this current meme.

I only wish the underlying sinfulness of humankind be shown and that when we all fail to follow in His precepts, we too can bring about sin. For we are are born with a sin nature, and it is only with God's grace and mercy through His will that we ever do good.

Soli Deo Gloria